Tilt-wall process begins with concrete pour

Action has picked up at the Comal County Jail site this week, with crews pouring the beds that will be used to cast the building’s walls.

The casting bed is a three-inch-thick layer of concrete that can also serve as a mock-up of the eventual process for pouring and coating the jail’s foundation slab.

Crews will pour the tilt-wall segments onto the bed, and once they are cured, a crane will pick them up and put them into place around the exterior of the building – as well as interior hallways and the recreation yards.

Overall, 175 wall segments will be formed, reinforced, poured and set into place in the coming months, with the first segments likely to begin early next week.

Meanwhile, crews are wrapping up utility work and digging shallow trenches that will allow the concrete slab to be thickened where it needs to support certain walls.

Although the casting bed looks like the foundation, it will be chopped up and hauled away once it serves its purpose. Foundation pouring itself is expected to begin before the end of the month, as it and the walls will be poured and finished in phases.


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