Project Summary

In November 2015, Comal County residents approved the issuance of $76 million in bonds to build a new county jail and renovate the existing Walter Fellers Law Enforcement Center.

The new jail will hold 565 general population inmates plus an additional 18 infirmary beds and mental health beds for 583 total beds, with room to expand to 900 inmates. Housing options include a wide variety of custody levels, including separation cells, single cells, double-occupancy cells, quad cells and open dormitories.

Unlike the current jail, which opened in 1985 with 144 beds and now holds 337 inmates in a traditional single-hall design, the new facility will include a second-floor control room that overlooks housing pods and exercise yards augmented by patrolling corrections officers in the day rooms.

The Comal County Jail will include adequate space for jail administration, kitchen and laundry services, and related support facilities, which have been designed to eventually accommodate 900 inmates.

Groundbreaking on the project will occur on Nov. 29, 2017, with the Jail completed by the summer of 2019 and the renovated Sheriff’s Office opening in summer of 2020.

Walter Fellers Law Enforcement Center

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office and current jail are housed in this 1985 facility, which will be gutted and renovated after completion of the new Comal County Jail next door.

Named for Comal County’s longest-serving sheriff (1952-88), the Fellers Center renovation will house Sheriff’s Office administration, patrol, dispatch, criminal investigations, evidence storage and other offices, as well as accommodating planned future expansion through 2031.

Project Team

Broaddus & Associates
LMD Architects
Yates Construction
Sundt Construction
M&S Engineering
HMT Engineering & Surveying

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