Rain, Rain, Go Away …

Crews prepare insulation for placement inside tilt-wall panels. Panels in various stages of completion can be seen behind them.
Crews prepare for slab pouring earlier this week. The yellow plastic provides a moisture-resistant barrier between the slab and the ground.

With September and October providing record amounts of rain, progress on the Comal County Jail has come in fits and starts.

Nevertheless, crews took advantage of a mostly picturesque first week of November to pour a third foundation slab and continue forming tilt-wall panels.

The slab, which will support the jail’s administrative offices, was poured at 3 a.m. Friday, while 33 tilt-wall panels have been fully poured, with another 15 half-poured and awaiting completion next week. The exterior wall panels are poured in stages so crews can lay insulation, creating a kind of sandwich between layers of concrete. The first panels are now scheduled to be placed in early December.

Subcontractors work on a building exercise as part of LEAN training this week.

Also on the agenda last week: a meeting with all of the project’s subcontractors to figure out how to make up lost time. It included teamwork training and activities designed to help crews think outside the box and find potential efficiencies that could reduce the time required to finish the jail.

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